Crown of Sorcery

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The Crown of Sorcery, also known as the Crown of Nagash is a powerful magical artefact first created and worn by the Great Necromancer Nagash. [1a]


In -1222 IC having made a truce with the Skaven, Nagash could once more turn his attention to Nehekhara and gathered at the heart of Nagashizzar, those who he had given the Elixir of Life to perform a great ritual of creation using huge quanties of Warpstone to heat a massive furnace. Within it was gromril obtained through trade with the ratmen and this was used to fill twelve obsidian moulds, elven of which were used to create armour. The last was hammered into a circlet into which Nagash poured not only his magic but his own memories and his boundless lust for vengeance and desire to rule over a realm of the dead. The resulting dark crown was ably to magnify his powers a thousandfold. [1a]

In 3 IC Morath, his powers enhanced by the power of the Crown rose from his slumber and began to raise the dead near Middenheim, [2b] taking the title of Lord of Brass Keep. [2a][2b] As he had hoped, Sigmar led an army to confront him but he was, with the aid of Count Pendrag able to resist the power of the Crown and destroyed Morath. He healed Pendrag with its power and took the crown for himself. [2c]

Under the influence of the Crown, Sigmar carried out a brutal campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn but fially managed to break its malign influence through Wolfgart and a vision of Ravenna. He discarded it [2d], giving it to the High Priestess of Shallya, Alessa to be sealed in a deep vault. [2e]

The Helm of The Draesca

After centuries of research into the Crown, W'soran managed to create the Helm, leaving a part of him within it as Nagash had done in his own creation. [3a]

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