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Kadon was an ancient necromancer and the founder of the Strygos Empire, a human civilisation that thrived long before the time of Sigmar.

As a young man, Kadon was a shaman, and also the young leader of the Lodringen tribe. In -1147 IC [4a] after discovering the Crown of Sorcery (which was made by Nagash, the first necromancer) clutched in the hand of the corpse of King Alcadizaar of Khemri on the banks of the Blind River, he became obsessed by death and the magic of necromancy. [1a][2b][5a]

Filled with the corrupting power of the crown, Kadon commanded his people to build a magnificent tomb for Alcadizaar and around that tomb, their settlement evolved into a city that came to be called Mourkain, Kadon expanded the lands around the temple to build the civilization of Strygos. With the covert assistance of Ushoran, first of the Strigoi bloodline of vampires, Kadon saw the city grow over the years into an empire which, at its height, stretched from the Marshes of Madness all the way to the Black Gulf.

The cult of Nagash was recreated with Kadon at its head who himself dwelt in a palace of black marble constructed over the entrance to the burial mound of Alcadizaar. [1a]

His growing empire traded with the Dwarfs of Karaz Bryn, also known as Silver Pinnacle, but when they learned more of his necromancy, they ceased visiting. [2a]

Kadon developed and refined the art of necromancy to further Nagash's work, and he created several powerful magical artefacts dedicated to the raising and controlling of the Undead, many of which can still be found scattered throughout the world. Some have found their way into the hands of mighty heroes, while some remain hidden in remote lairs, waiting for adventurers to stumble across them. [1a]

Trade with the nearby Dwarfs dwindled and stopped as his empire grew in power and his armies even marched on the great fortress of Barak Varr but they were defeated and retreated. Kadon and his acolytes grew more and more insular. [1a]

Ushoran eventually slew Kadon and claimed Mourkain and the Strygos Empire for himself.


Kadon is infamous for his ability to bind monsters using a Scroll of Binding, many of which are still used thousands of years later. [6] His ability was to embrace the fury and instincts of the monster rather than trying to directly impose his will upon them, a highly successful tactic and one that even the High Elves have had to acknowledge as masterful - this has been noted by Teclis himself. [3a]


Originally the city was called Morgheim rather than Mourkain or Place of Death and Kadon was killed by the Orc Warlord Redeye when the city was lost. [1a]


Brrr, he was a bad one, Old Kadon. Sour, like a bad patch of tunnel, and touched in the head. They said he found something down deep in the dark, and that it spoke to him and broke him.

~ Razek Silverfoot to Neferata.[2a]


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