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Wolfgart was a warrior of the Unberogen tribe, the sword-brother and close friend of Sigmar. [1a]

He was three years older than Sigmar. [1a]


Dark haired and heavily muscled he was a handsome young man who went to battle in mail and a wolfskin cloak. [1a]


When Wolfgart was 13 he beat Sigmar, then 10 in a bout but his friend was enraged and swung his weapon at the older boy, breaking his arm and scaring his elbow. [1a]

A week before Battle of Astofen Bridge, he teased Gerreon that he lavished so much attention on his hair that he looked like a Bretonii catamite and in the ensuing brawl, broke the younger boys arm. [1c] Wolfgart led half of the cavalry at the battle, his contingent being bow armed. [1b]

After his victory over the orcs as Astofen, Sigmar gathered his sword-brothers, Wolfgart and Pendrag at the Oathstone of Reikdorf and told them of the vision he had had on his Dooming day. The three swore an oath together to create the united empire he had seen. [1c] Wolfgart travelled to Marburg and fought alongside the Endals against Jutones raiders. [2b]

After defeating the Norsii and Artur of the Teutogens, Sigmar travelled first to the Taleutens and then into the lands of the Asoborns seeking a sword oath from their queen, Freya. [1e] As his convoy of warriors and gifts moved through the grassland, they were suddenly confronted by several hundred female warriors who arose from the land all around them, led by Maedbh. [1f]

She blindfolded Sigmar and Wolfgart and led them to the queen, [1g] taking them back to the warriors once the alliance between the two tribes had been forged. Before they departed she grabbed Wolfgart and pulled him close for a passionate kiss, telling him to return in the summer to fasten hands and make strong children! [1h]

He travelled to the land of the Asoborns that very winter and did not return until the spring, bearing a betrothal tattoo to Maedbh. [1i] They were hand-fasted by a priestess of Rhya in Reikdorf following the defeat of King Otwin and the Thuringians. [1j]

When Sigmar stood before the Ar Ulric to be tested to see if he was worthy to become Emperor, he and Pendrag were chosen to stand with him as his sword-brothers. [2a]

He accompanied Sigmar to Marburg to visit Count Aldred but during the mission, Redwane insulted his wife and he came close to killing him for the remark. [2d] He was part of the rescue party that set forth into the mists after Marika and once more fought alongside Laredus and his Raven Helms. [2e]

In the Spring his wife gave birth to their daughter Ulrike and Sigmar himself became her sword-guardian. [2f] He marched with Sigmar to the Siege of Jutonsryk but missed his wfie and new daughter so much that the Emperor gave him leave to return home - Wolfgart refused, not wishing to be shamed b leaving before a fight was ended. [2g]


He bred heavy horses large (Sixteen hands or more) and strong enough to carry an armoured warrior, wearing iron armour itself. [2c]


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