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Morath was a Strigoi noble, necromancer and the heir to Kadon. [1a]


Slim with what Neferata considered the look of a poet, [2a] his face all hard angles and angles. [2b] By the time Sigmar encountered him, he was hunched, his skin was drawn unaturally tight over his bones, his tongue weas black and glistening and his teeth yellow stumps. Beneath his hood he wore a the golden crown of Nagash. [3c]


He was schooled in the use of bow and blade from childhood and was clever and witty enough to gain Neferata's approval. [2a]

As a student of W'soran he extended his lifespan far beyond that of a normal human. [2a]

In -328 IC, Morath and Neferata led an expedition to the fortress to try and retrieve a Book of Nagash, fighting their way first through Ghoul tribes [2c] and then Skaven. As they searched, Neferata asked him to pledge himself to her service, teaching her and handmaidens the art of necromancy. [2d]

When Neferata and Naaima opened the gates of Silver Pinnacle in -326 IC, he led a army of the dead into the hold, riding a skeletal horse but as the siege dragged on, he was convinced to continue Neferta's training in necromancy. [2e]

When Morgheim (Mourkain) fell, Morath fled north with the crown of Nagash [1a]

In 3 IC he began to raise the dead near Middenheim, taking the title of Lord of Brass Keep. [3a] Sigmar, Pendrag and Myrsa led six hundred warriors into the Middle Mountains under the Dragon Banner which had not been raised since the days of Redmane Dregor resulting in the Battle of Brass Keep. [3b]

As he was confronted by Sigmar, he nearly overcome him with despair but Sigmar rallied as Pendrags life was drained away from him and he attacked Morath, smashing hs staff with Ghal-maraz and hurling him from his tower, destroying him and sending the army of the dead back to their rest. [1a][3e]


W'soran taught me. It will take me a few minutes, however. I am weak. These past weeks have been difficult. I am merely mortal, woman, unlike you.

~ Morath to Neferata.[2d]

I came to this land near death, but I slept away the centuries beneath the world and far from the sight of men. Now I am risen, and already your empire is dying. Can you not feel it? The cold touch of the death I bring is carried on every breath of wind and all that you love will soon be gone.

~ Morath to Sigmar. [3d]


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