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Ravenna was a woman of the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends and the lover of Sigmar. [1a]


Like her brothers, Gerreon and Trinovantes she had long hair the colour of jet. [1a]


After Trinovantes was killed at the Battle of Astofen Bridge, she accepted his shield from Sigmar at his funeral when Gerreon refused to take it. [1b]

After Sigmar told her of his plans to unite the tribes and his oath with his sword-brother, she asked him to also lay down his weapons when he had completed his great work, which he promised. [1c] In the spring, he pledged to marry her, giving her various gifts and they made love for the first time. [1d]

Sigmar expressed his disapointment to her about being left behind to manage the Unberogen lands whilst his father marched to meet the Norsii in battle. in return she scolded him for not realising the honour that he did him, his desire for war and finally told him that she was glad that he remained to protect them. [1e]

They were in a secluded valley swimming when a bedraggled Gerreon arrived and confronted Sigmar, attacking him with a poisoned sword. When Ravenna tried to stop her brother he first struck her and then when she tried to fight back stabbed her through the belly killing her. [1f]


Then promise me that the wars will end some day. When you have achieved all you set out to do, put down your weapons and leave it all behind.

~ Ravenna to Sigmar. [1c]


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