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Alessa was a High Priestess of Shallya of the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends. [2a]


Her first posting as a novitiate was at a small riverside shrine, later becoming a temple maiden and finally high priestess of the great temple at Reikdorf. [2a]

She anointed Ulrike, the newly born daughter of Maedbh and Wolfgart with prayers of protection and a heart-shaped locket. [1a] Later in 1 IC she led the prayers of the priestesses of the goddess to protect the combined army marching on the Jutones. [1b]

After Sigmar managed to break the malign influence of the Crown of Nagash, he gave it to Alessa to be sealed in a deep vault. [1c]

As the dead began to rise across the new Empire, she had recurring dreams of malignant tree roots spreading beneath the whole world. She faced her growing fears, retrieving the Crown of Nagash from its resting place and resisting its attempts to influence her. [2a]

She found Eoforth fleeing from Dire Wolves on the Street of Temples and drove them away with light of the goddess. The scholar whispered his final discovery to her. [2b] She told Sigmar that Eoforth had discovered that Nagash was completely obsessed with his crown and that to defeat him, Sigmar needed to wear it when he faced the Great Necromancer in battle. [2c]

Following the defeat of Nagash at the Battle of the River Reik, Sigmar asked her to the Crown somewhere where its evil power would be unable to corrupt mens souls. She headed east with a group of warriors and never returned. [2d]


I will not fear you, for even death is part of the cycle of life. I will face you and I will be restored by resisting you.

~ Alessa. [2a]


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