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Pendrag was a warrior of the Unberogen tribe, the sword-brother and close friend of Sigmar [1a] and later the first Count of Middenheim. [2c]


He was tall with red hair the colour of the setting sun and favoured a cloak of shimmering green scales. [1a]


Pendrag was the first of his tribe to successfully forge a iron sword following the instructions of Alaric the Mad and he and the finest craftsmen worked with the Dwarf to produce a water-powered bellows for his forge. [1d]

He was the banner bearer for Sigmar at the Battle of Astofen Bridge. [1b]

After his victory over the orcs at Astofen, Sigmar gathered his sword-brothers, Wolfgart and Pendrag at the Oathstone of Reikdorf and told them of the vision he had had on his Dooming day. The three swore an oath together to create the united empire he had seen. [1c]

Sigmar tasked Pendrag with training the other smiths of the Unberogens how to create iron weapons and armour, enough to equip all their weapons. [1d] He created a rudimentary written language based on the simple script and tally marks of traders as well as elements of the Dwarf language. As King Björn prepared to march on the invading Norsii, with Sigmar and Wolfgart he helped organise the logistical train needed for an army in the field. [1e]

When Sigmar led the armies of the Unberogen, Cherusen and Taleutens against the Norse in the spring he protested against the mass slaughter and burning of the enemy vessels as they tried to flee. [1f] Later, whilst fighting against the Thuringians he lost three fingers on his left hand to an axe strike but did not let Sigmar's banner fall. [1g]

Alaric the Mad made him a silver gauntlet with working fingers to replace those he had lost. [1h] After the Battle of Black Fire Pass, he spent increasing time with Eoforth compiling texts that recorded all the Dwarfs had taught him. [2b]

When Sigmar stood before the Ar Ulric to be tested to see if he was worthy to become Emperor, he and Wolfgart were chosen to stand with him as his sword-brothers. [2a] Pendrag was then appointed Count of Middenheim, safeguarding the northern lands. [2c]

In 3 IC, the priests of Morr warned Pendrag that a terror from ancient days had awoken to seek dominion of the lands of men. Several weeks later villages in the foothills were destroyed by the walking dead. Knights of Morr and Ulric were sent into the mountains but none returned [2d] until one, Lukas Hauke a Warrior Priest of Ulric made it back aged, barely alive. Although he died shortly after he rose again, killing many before he could succumbed. He told Pendrag and Sigmar that he served Morath, the Lord of Brass Keep before Sigmar destroyed his body and released his soul. [2e]

Sigmar, Pendrag and Myrsa led six hundred warriors into the Middle Mountains under the Dragon Banner which had not been raised since the days of Redmane Dregor resulting in the Battle of Brass Keep. [2f]

There they were confronted by a horde of the risen dead and battle ensued. As Sigmar fought to save Myrsa, Pendrag and his men fought against a seemingly endless horde of walking corpses but then they were confronted by armoured Wights who matched his swordsmen with their own skill and huge swords that shimmered with an eerie light. Pendrag himself was confronted by a Wight King, surviving a beheading blow only due to a torque ring around his neck gifted to him by Alaric the Mad. Disarmed, he was still able to use the silver point of his banner pole to impale and destroy his opponent which also banished his Grave Guard. [2g]

Sigmar led warriors through the gate of the fortress but was almost overcome by Banshees but the howling of Pendrag, Redwane and their remaining warriors as they charged to join him broke the spell of despair. [2h] Sigmar was again nearly overwhelmed by the power of Morath and the Crown of Nagash but again Pendrag managed to inspire him even as he was aged decades. However, after the Emperor had thrown the Necromancer from the tower, he used the same crown to restore Pendrag before claiming the Crown for himself. [2i]

He accompanied Sigmar on his campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn but after the Battle of Roskova and the slaughter of the enemy during and after the battle, he refused to carry the Dragon Banner. Twice more the fleeing tribe was brought to battle and their settlements burned, the civilians killed without mercy. [2j] When the few remaining tribespeople tried to flee across the last river before the unknown northern lands, Sigmar ordered them cut down but first Redwane and then Pendrag refused, making him acknowledge that the true enemy - the Norsii was raiding at will. [2k]

After his defeat at the Battle of the Northern Ridge, Sigmar retreated with his army to Middenheim, hoping to draw the invaders to him and buy time for the other Counts to raise armies and march to his aid resulting in the Siege of Middenheim[2l]. Pendrag and Myrsa commanded the north of the city with 1000 warriors, including the White Wolves. [2m]

Alaric arrived with not only 500 veteran Dwarf warriors to aid the defence but also the first of the Runefangs which Sigmar recieved gratefully, giving it to Pendrag whilst he retained Ghal-Maraz. [2n] When the Norsii attacked once more, Pendrag wielded his Runefang aganst them alongside Myrsa and none could stand against them - until the Bloodthirster came forth. Like many of his warriors he was overcome by terror, vomiting after blood burst from his mouth and nose, dropping the Runefang. [2o]

He managed to retrieve his sword, the suffocating fear banished by it power and he stood again, banishing the lingering shadow the Greater Daemon had left behind. The Norsii charged once more, this time led by Azazel. [2o] Pendrag slaughtered his way through the Norsii before he was confronted by Azazel himself and although he fought with all his kill, he quickly found that all his skill, power and speed was still no match for Gerreon reborn. [2p]

Otwin and Marius joined him in battling Azazel, but the champion of Slaanesh wounded first Marius and then impaled Otwin's thigh with one of his swords. To Azazel's annoyance, the Berserker King snapped the sword. Pendrag renewed his attack, but again his opponent was too quick, ramming his broken blade into his heart. [2p]

Yet even as he withdrew his broken sword, Azazel was overcome by self-loathing and regret, even as he defended himself. [2q] Pendrag himself lived long enough to name Myrsa the new Count of Middenheim and urge him to take the Runefang and he died as the Warrior Eternal reluctantly agreed. [2r]

His body was preserved in powdered nitre and camphorated wine so it could be transported to be buried within Warrior Hill. [3a]


This bloodshed is madness. It sullies everything we have achieved over the years. Is this how you want to be remembered, as a butcher of men? A tyrant king? A killer of women and children, no better than a greenskin?

~ Pendrag to Sigmar. [2k]


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