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Titles White Dove of Mercy, Lady in White
Domains Healing, Mercy
Type God
Affiliation Humans
Relatives Myrmidia (sister),

Shallya is the goddess of Healing and Mercy. She is the sister of Myrmidia, goddess of strategy and war, both being the daughters of Morr and Verena. Shallya is portrayed as a young, beautiful maiden, whose eyes are perpetually filled with tears.


Shallya's most common symbols are a white dove, and a heart with a drop of blood.


The patron deity of pregnant women, Shallya protects against miscarriages and eases the pain of childbirth. She is an exceptionally important goddess throughout the Old World. People pray to Shallya all the time: when they are suffering from an illness, when they are hoping to have children, or when they are looking for forgiveness for their sins. The goddess forgives all and her priestesses hear confessions from any. Of all the gods, she is the only one who most people agree really listens.

Cult of Shallya

Shallya is worshipped throughout the Old World. Her temples are places of comfort for the sick, wounded, dying and homeless. Many of the people of the Old World were born in a temple of Shallya; most of them return when they are ill or dying. In the end, it is to the temple of Shallya's father they go.[1a]

Poor Kislevites in Talabheim know her as Salyak, the Giver of Charity whose sect provide soup kitchens. [1a]


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