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The Lore of Life is Magic derived from Ghyran, the jade wind of magic. [1a][5a]

The energies of Ghyran fall like rain upon the earth, forming pools of magic that flow into natural watercourses meaning that its power is closely bound up with water, vegetation, and all living things. [1a] Spells cast from the Lore of Life are often accompanied by natural phenomena as vines, undergrowth, trees, and rivers all bend to the druid’s will. [1b]

The sea is saturated with Ghyran but it is also easy for a Jade Wizard to loose control of the power. [4a] Should the magic become concentrated it can lead to blooms of life or even manifest a Sea Elemental. [4c]


Wizards of the Jade Order become more attuned to the seasons as they grow in power, their fingernails and hair also grow very fast. [5a]


  • Almanac: A day is spent attuning to the area’s natural flows of magic and at the end of the day, the caster can forecast major seasonal and weather events for the coming year. [1b]
  • Barkskin: The skin becomes hard and resistant to damage. [1b]
  • Cloak of Dain: A shimmering enegry cloaks the caster, absorbing enemy attacks.[6a]
  • Cure Blight: A large area is cured of blight and becomes immune to it for the rest of the season. [5a]
  • Curse of Thorns: The caster grows thorns inside an enemy. [5a]
  • Drain Life: The life fluids of an enemy are sucked out. [6a]
  • Dwellers Below: Hundreds of tiny, shrivelled earth spirits carry the casters foes away. [1b]
  • Earthblood: Whilst the spell is active, any living creatures in direct contact with the earth within the heal. [1b][5a][6a]
  • Earth Gate: The caster can move through the earth to another nearby location.[5a]
  • Earthpool: The caster disappears into the ground in a wild torrent of Ghyran and appears nearby. [1b]
  • Emerald Pool: The caster disolves into a small pool and then reappears near another body of water. [6a]
  • Fat of the Land: The target is flooded with nourishing Ghyran removing the need to eat or drink for a time. [1b][5a]
  • Flesh of Stone: The target is transformed into living stone. [1b][6a]
  • Forest of Thorns: A dense knot of wickedly spiked brambles and tangled vines bursts upwards. [1b]
  • Gardener’s Warcry: A small Blood Forest is summoned. [1b][2a]
  • Geyser: A powerful geyser is conjured from the earth. [1b][5a]
  • Green Eye: The eyes of the caster become a single orb that projects a deadly beam of energy. [6a]
  • Invigorating Chant: Any nearby Dryads, Tree Kin, Fenbeasts or carnivorous plants are awakened or invigorated if they were already active. [1b]
  • Jade Casket: A corpse is animated with glowing, green magic as a servant for several hours. [1b][6a]
  • Leaf Fall: Swirling leaves surround the caster as their body becomes limber and supple as a willow branch, avoiding damage.[1b]
  • Leyfinding: A detailed mental map of all nearby leylines and stone circles is created by taping into the flow of Ghyran. [1b]
  • Lie of the Land: After communing with the wind of Ghyran the caster receives a mental map of nearby natural features such as land, forests, rivers. [1b]
  • Lifebloom: Ghyran is called upon to flood and revive an area that is blighted or desolate. [1b]
  • Living Mire: A ship is enveloped and ensnared by slimy algae. [4b]
  • Nature’s Whisper: The spell allows the caster to commune telepathically with minor river or tree spirits. [1b]
  • Paranoth’s Pathway: The caster and their allies move effortlessly through forests and woods. [1b]
  • Peace: A group are overcome by a sense of wellbeing and serenity. [6a]
  • Regenerate: The healer gains the ability to regenerate. [1b]
  • River's Whisper: The caster can commune with a river's spirit. [5a]
  • Spiral Stair:: A misty spiral staircase is created that only the caster and other Jade Wizards can climb. [1b][6a]
  • Spring Bloom: An area of land or a single person is made fertile. [5a]
  • Storm of Renewal: The wounded are restored and the dead raised by this spell. [2a]
  • Summer Heat: A area burns with the heeat of summer. [5a]
  • Vaunted Transmogrification of Colchis: Everything nearby becomes immune to fire. [1b]
  • Verdant Apotheosis: Vast amounts of Ghyran are called upon to heal the mortally wounded, and even restore life to the recently slain. [1b][2a]
  • Vital Growth: A single plant or tree is enhanced with Ghyran causing sudden growth. [1b]
  • Water Water Everywhere: Ghyran is filtered from the sea and used to produce fresh water from salt water. [4b]
  • Whirlpool: Ghyran is used to surround an area and form a whirlpool. [4b]
  • Winter Frost: A area of land is covered with a layer of thick frost. [5a]
  • Wood Shape: Turns the caster or a willing target into a tree. [1b]



A fresh, warm breeze that promises abundance and growth, the Jade Wind falls like a spring shower, nourishing and nurturing. It feels as warm as the earth and as fresh as spring water. Once it falls to the ground it collects in pools and rivulets, flowing through the earth as lifegiving rivers, like the pumping of blood.

~ Tochter Grunfeld.[1a]


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