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Ungor raider

Ungors are the most common and physically most humanoid breed of Gor Beastmen.


While they still have the Bestial bovine legs (and the mobility gained from them), they lack both the distinct horns (even their leaders are only known as Halfhorns) and the thick hides of Gors & Bestigors. Because of the latter, while Gors happily fight with two weapons and forgo any additional protection, the Ungors always carry a shield with them, to protect their humanly susceptible bodies. Also, they do not have the same martial prowess inbred in Gors, and fight like an ordinary trained warrior would.[1]

To make up for their shortcomings, Ungors typically fight in large herds, seeking strength in numbers. They also often wield stout spears with their wooden shields, maximising on defence. And of course, like all Beastmen, they are adept at setting up ambushes, distracting the hostile regiment with one herd while the other tracks them by scent. The outcome of such an ambush can vary between the two herds successfully surrounding their foe and exterminating them, or the ambushing Ungors ingloriously losing the scent and having to return at the starting point. It should be noted that it might take great amount of time for them to locate the scent, or only manage to arrive in the broad surroundings of the enemy.[1]

Should things go wrong, Ungors will often be the first to flee into their home woods, knowing that they are not the best of fighters. Of course, this does not make them any less committed to the Beastmen cause, and only fills them with resentment and malice for their next encounter. The latter can often come to dominate Ungors' minds, causing them to focus on the battle with renewed vigour. At this state, they are able to bypass the most complicated parries through their sheer determination. Even then, they still have some of their sense and cautiousness left; but sometimes, they lose even that and will relentlessly chase after anything hostile, no matter how nimble, unworthy or powerful, fighting at the true limit of the capability, with the speed and ability unseen in average troop. Needless to say, no average troop can stand in the way of this (thankfully, rare) empowerment.[1]

Ungor Raiders.

While all Ungors are proficient in ambushes, some of them focus exclusively on this surprise warfare, becoming Ungor Raiders. The latter do not fight in large herds, trading numbers for superior mobility, able to easily traverse the most rugged terrain, rivalling the Druchii Autarri in this respect. This allows them to outmaneuver the enemy army, picking off the vulnerable elements like wizards and war machines, exercising the cruelty and malice they are so famous for. They gear up accordingly, wielding crude, short bows instead of spears, being the only Beastmen to overcome their primal disposition towards melee combat. As such, they will only attack after weakening their enemy with a few reasonably accurate volleys. When they finally charge, their effectiveness depends entirely on their mood, being thoroughly average at normal, but far more dangerous when overwhelmed by rage and malice associated with their origins.[1]



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