Aloysious Ambrosius

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Aloysious Ambrosius is the Marsh Warden of Marienburg. [1]


He is a lean, one-eyed man, dressed finely but not ostentatiously with a patch covering his missing eye embroidered with the trident and crown symbol of the Marsh Watch, with the same sigil decorating his polished cuirass. [1]


He was once a member of knightly order himself in the Empire, before personal peccadilloes saw him cashiered and running to Marienburg pursued by bounty hunters and professional duellists. He lost an eye in the first week but became the head of the Marsh Watch, killing almost a dozen men. [1]

His leadership transformed the Watch from an underfunded and badly equipped organization to one that rivalled the Black Caps - the City Watch. [1]


Marienburg is a city of plotters and schemers, Theodore. It has to be, to survive. Your scheme was not the first and will not be the last to threaten our independence from Karl Franz’s Empire. But today – ah, today we remain free. Then, perhaps this was never about that. Perhaps you simply missed me.

~ Aloysious Ambrosius to Theodore Bruckner.[1]


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