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Leiber is a captain from Marienburg shiwrecked in Lustria. [1a]


Tall, with blonde hair and moustache and blue eyes...in later years he was emaciated and had a air of defeat. [1a]


After being shipwrecked in Lustria he spent decades looking for treasure in the ruins of the Lizardmen cities and reached the centre of Zultec once before his party was attacked by Lizardmen. He was the only survivor, taking months to return to Skeggi.[1b] The next few years were spent trying to find a way back. [1a]

The captain of a trading vessel of House Emeraldsea had noticed Leiber and sent word to Teclis and Tyrion, remembering they were searching for him. So around 2273 IC Leiber agreed to guide the twins to Zultec who were searching for the Sunfang [1a] which Johan Argentes had carried when he entered the city with Leiber. [1b][1c]


Finding your way through this cursed jungle is not like sailing a ship, your honour. I can't simply navigate by the stars. Things grow here. Landmarks get hidden. Rain washes away trails. It's guesswork at best.

~ Leiber to Teclis.[1b]


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