Nieut Gyngrijk

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Nieut Gyngrijk is the Speaker of the Burgeshof in Marienburg in the early 25th Century IC. [1a]


A bright eyed man in his early forties, he is quite portly and of medium height. [1a]


He was born to a middle class family in the Noordmuur district of Marienburg, gainng a reputation as a firey orator for the rights of the working man. [1a]

He grew powerful enought to gain the attention of the Directorate and they came to a mutually beneficial arrangement but now he has set his sights on becoming the Staadtholder. [1a]


Sure, I feed the people dreams. But their dreams might one day put me in the Staadtholder's chair. Want some taffy?

~ Nieut Gyngrijk. [1a]


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