Hilaria om Klimt

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Hilaria om Klimt

Hilaria om Klimt is a Priestess of Manann in Marienburg in the 25th Century IC. [1a]

Hilaria, known locally as Sister Hilli runs the ancient temple to St Olovald in the Noormanswijk District. She helps out many of those in need in the area, receiving some helm help from the Cult of Shallya and less from her own Cult of Manann. [1a]


A strong-boned young woman in her middle to late twenties with slightly wavy light-brown hair reaching down to the middle of her back. She has a slight limp from a badly set broken leg, a legacy of her seafaring days and her eyes are light brown. She is well known for her fiery temper but is respected by the former seamen who use the temple as a hostel [1a]


She believes that Manaan would approve of her efforts to revive the worship of Olovald and has formed a clandestine worship group from among the derelicts and a few Suiddockers who heard the old god's call in their dreams and found their way to the temple. She holds a particular hatred for the underground wrecker-cult of Stromfels. [1a]


I'll tell you a secret. Sometimes, late at night, just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I can hear avoice, a god's voice - not Manaan, you chumhead! Olovald! He ain't just some saint! I hope the Temple Court doesn't find out I know the truth. But I can't be the only one.

~ Hilaria om Klimt.[1a]


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