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Sumieren Imlordil is a Sea Elf who runs Priceless Friends in Marienburg. [1a]

Sumieren is the owner of Priceless Friends, a exotic pet emporium located on the Grand Circle canal in the Elftown district of Marienburg. He seeks to provide his clients with any animal if the money is right including hairless Arabian racing dogs, trained Kislevan mink and far stranger creatures from Cathay or the New World.[1a]


He is often dressed in specially tailored clothes of mottled greens and browns which emphasises his role as a hunter. He stands just over six feet, and normally ties his long black hair in a pony-tail whilst his face appears and his heavy up-swept eyebrows, pointed ears, and piercing stare give him a devilish look, which he quite enjoys and cultivates. [1a]


Sumieren is well connected, being friends with Hugo Delftgruber and Karl den Euwe, a member of the Directorate and who helped him purchase his first ship. [1a]


He was a sailor for Clan Ulliogtha and became fascinated by the many and varied animals he encountered. Following a dispute with the clan Exarch, Valmathol Fairword he went his own way, serving on a variety of ships for the next thirty years. [1a]

Once he had earned enough coin and gained enough experience, he opened Priceless Friends. [1a]

Hunter and Trader

He seldom kills his prey and will not accept commissions to do so for others, and will refuse commissions if he feels the client will be a abusive or neglectful owner. His ability with even difficult-to-train creatures has earned him the nickname Beastspeaker. [1a]

Every few years, when he has enough commissions he will depart on an extended hunting trip leaving his two apprentices Fiaroth and Muirghal to run the shop. [1a]


You require a Mukkavi desert-hound breeding pair, with matched blue eyes? Not a problem for one such as I, my lady. I know a tribal chief in Bur-Shitrak, in Araby, who has a fine pack, and he owes me a blooddebt. I'll have them for you in less than six months, I guarantee it..

~ Sumieren.[1a]



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