Urdithriel Imraholen

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Urdithriel Imraholen is the High Elf Master Shipwright of Elftown in Marienburg. [1a]

He is, in his own widely accepted opinion, simply the finest boat-builder in the Old World and a powerful member of Clan Lianllach. [1a]


A 200 year old elf, short for an Elf, with jet-black hair and tanned and leathery skin form his many years at sea as well as a intense arrogant stare. [1a]


He has a single daughter, Immarana Imraholen. [1a]

Shipbuilding and Racing

He owns the Race the Winds Shipyard, which has capacity to build up to six of the huge sleek Elf Clippers. It includes a forge operated by two Elven blacksmiths and their apprentices, an extensive carpenter's shop and a sailmaker's building. This is well fenced and guarded by the Ogre Mordagg and his vicious dogs. [1a]

Master Imraholen is a superb and passionate yacht racer and in his sloop, the Gull's Lament he has entered and won the annual Marienburg regatta once every decade over the last century. He states that he races only to teach each new generation of human sailors a lesson in Sea Elf seamanship but is also known to enjoy the thrill of dangerous sailing. [1a]


Humans have no appreciation for speed and elegance. Galleons and cogs - hah! They're nothing more than horrid little rat-barges, if you ask me.

~ Urdithriel Imraholen.[1a]


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