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Hargan was the leader of a slave army in the Blackspine Mountains. [1a][2a]


Before his capture he was a scribe to a Burgomeister of Marienburg although he lived in a small village outside the city. [2a]

One night, he and many of the villages were stolen away to a offshore Black Ark and unlike many of the other villages he survived to reach the Dark Elf city of Har Ganeth. There he was branded on the left chest as a slave of Lord Ruerl by the slavemaster Kehmor. [2a]

He was set to work in the mines and later to harvest the great pine trees where he found and hid an old dagger with which he freed himself and fled into the Spiteful Peaks mountains. [2a]

Slowly he gathered a slave army, gathering up weapons and equipment from raids until they drew enough attention for Lord Ruerl himself to bring an army to deal with them. [2a]

The battle opened with a clash of the slave warriors and the Dark Elf warriors, many humans dying before they met to repeater Crossbow fire. Hargan himself charged into battle on a warhorse but was poisoned by a Assassin before he and his mount were killed by a Cold One Knight. [1a]


In our hearts we know we are defeated , yet should this letter manage to find its way into safe hands then know this. It is better to die fighting this cold, evil race than suffer the unthinking torment that they will surely inflict upon you. With this I leave to meet my fate on the battle, but I know this, whatever may pass I will not be taken alive.

~ Letter written on the eve of his last battle.[1]


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