Arkat Fooger

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Arkat Fooger

Arkat Fooger is one of the Ten, the merchant lords of the Directorate of Marienburg in the 25th Century IC. [1a]

Aged 117, he is the longest serving member of the Directorate. [1a]

He often acts as the representative of the various human and non-human minorities in the city[1a]


His father, Roenekaat Fooger, spared no expense for his education as he groomed him for taking over the business and over the decades he built his clan's fortunes until he was elevated to the Directorate in 2428 IC. [1b]

Having literally invented the insurance business, Arkat is having to pay for a series of shipping losses that are straining his finances and suspects that this is more than bad luck. [1a]

He named Roenekaat Fooger as his heir, causing issues with Waltonius Goldbeard. [1a]


  • De Oud Foogershuis: The family Counting House at the east end of the Guilderveld District. A impressive four story building whose huge oaks doors are guarded day and night by a quartet of axe-wielding Dwarfs wearing House Fooger livery. On the ground floor the clerks are hard at work, the second houses the working merchants of the house, the third is the offices of the newly created Fooger insurance brokerage and the fourth is the private domain of the Director himself and staff and where he greets important clients including the representatives of nobility and royalty. The vaults contain the gold reserves and valuables stored on behalf of clients. [1b]


Marienburg was as a co-operative in which everyone could profit. But now there are those on the Directorate who see it and its people as their personal property. That is the road to ruin.

~ Arkat Fooger.[1b]


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