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Matteus van Hoogmans was the Baron of Marienburg in the 21st Centruy IC who signed a unique treaty with the High Elves. [1a]


When a strange ship was sighted near his home city, Matteus dispatched four of his own ships to investiagte the vessel which they discovered was manned by High Elves. They escorted the Lughsoll-Siaisullainn (Jewel-gleam of Sunlight on Wavefoam) into the harbour and Matteus entered into negotiations with its master, the Sea Elf Wavemaster, Sullandiel Fartrader. [1a]

To his delight, the Elves seemed happy to talk and together with the heads of the cities Merchant Houses and the High Priest of Haendryk Matteus forged a exclusive treaty over the next two weeks. [1a]


Be it known among all peoples for all time: that the Merchant Houses of Westerland are named the exclusive agents of the Elfs of Ulthuan for all goods of the New World brought to the Old. - that the Elfs of Ulthuan agree to provide aid both military and magical to this Barony of Westerland in time of war. - that the Elfs of Ulthuan shall be Our exclusive agents for the sale of the goods of the Old World in the New. - that, in return for such considerations, We, Baron Matteus van Hoogmans of Westerland, Baron of Marienburg, First Sea Lord of the Empire, etc., etc., do grant to the High King of Ulthuan perpetual sovereignty over the islands of Geldern, Zeeburg, Oranjekoft, Rijksgebouw, Vlotshuis and Westerleer, there to build houses for His people and a harbour for His ships, for so long as the terms of this treaty are kept. -All this is done on the 17th day of Erntezeit, I.C. 2150, under the benevolent witness of Manann, Sigmar and Haendryk.

~ The Treaty of Amity and Commerce.[1]


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