Wouter Berkhout

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Wouter Berkhout is the Arch Priest of Manann in Marienburg and a member of the Directorate in the 25th Century IC. [1a]

An ambitious man of 52, he should be able to count on the support of the other Cults of the city but finds himself outmanoeuvred by Jaan van de Kuypers gaining the nickname Old sardine-fingers behind his back. [1a]

Temporal Power

As the Arch-Priest of Manaan, Wouter is the acknowledged spokesman for the interests of the other cults in Marienburg even those with their own seat on the Directorate and they know better than to disagree publicly with Berkhout. Even the other directors are wary of crossing Manaan's Arch-Priest, too as besides his immense religious authority immense he has at his command of a dozen warships and several companies of fanatically loyal templar-marines. [1b]

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