Wilhelm Rotkopf

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Wilhelm Rotkopf is an Alchemist in Marienburg. [1a]

He has little respect for the law, like most fo those with money in the city. [1a]


At the age of 9 he was apprenticed to Helmut Schwarzbauch who died before he could fully complete the young man's training. After Helmut's death and to his parent's despair, Wilhelm sought his fortune in the 2497 gold rush in the Middle Mountains. [1a]

When he failed to find gold, he joined a group of adventurers who began tomb robbing in the area who managed to stumble on an ancient Dwarf tomb. However, as he grew older he travelled to Middenheim and finished his apprenticeship under the master Josef Schmidtturm. [1a]

He rose to become a member of the High Council of the Wizards and Alchemists Guild, a consultant for the Board of Trade Equity and is regarded as a pillar of the local community. [1b]


Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 1st Ed: Dagger, Sword. [1b]


You want alchemical bits and pieces, Rotkopf's your man. A bit pricey, of course, but you get what you pay for. He's got a house just off Potion Square. Great big place, it is, with plenty of servants and a tower that looks like its going to come down any minute

~ [1a]


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