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Mikal Bernheimer was a Engineer of Imperial Gunnery School in Nuln in the Empire and now serves Marienburg [1]


A lean, aesthetic-looking man, he wears a pair of Bretonnian pince-nez and often carries a heavy satchel. [1]


He arrived in Marienburg after fleeing down the Reik, with a satchel full of plans and a head full of secrets, or so he claimed and begging for sanctuary. Held by the City Watch whilst the High Council decided what to do with him he was kidnapped and bundled into a purloined coach. Bernheimer offered the secret to black powder manufacturing, and the design of a cannon the match of any in Nuln. It was hoped that he could assist with the Landships, arming them with his cannon and assisting with the general design. [1]

However this was all a ruse so that he could sabotage the vessels and weaponry of the city, once he had done so mercenaries working for Theodore Bruckner retrieved him after a brutal fight with the Knights of Manann guarding him. However Aloysious Ambrosius, Marsh Warden of the city has been told of the plot by the Master of Shadows and intervened, retrieving the engineer from the yacht of the crime-lord Uli Tassenberg. [1]

Mikal was then escorted back to the shipyards to continue his work. [1]


Quite simply, we need him. We need his expertise, Marienburg has many merits, but engineering has never been one of them. The art of the gun and cannon is one little practised here. Our cousins to the east guard their secrets jealously, and what artillery and handguns we possess were obtained through illicit and altogether difficult means. If this city is to maintain its independence, we must have an edge

~ Aloysious Ambrosius.[1]


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