Lea-Jan Cobbius

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Lea-Jan Cobbius

Lea-Jan Cobbius is the Master of the Honourable Guild of Stevedores and Teamsters of Marienburg in the 25th Century IC. [1a]


Tall and lanky but muscular 62 year old man with close cropped white hair and steel-grey eyes and a aquiline nose. There is a twoinch scar just below his right eyebrow. [1a]


He has contacts and influence across the city including He has clandestine contacts with most of the Directorate and the Exarch of Sith Rionnas. [1a]


These are my people. They look up to me like an uncle. So I take care of them, offer them advice and favours when needed, and protect them from the sharks that run this city. It also means that I keep them in line, so they don't hurt themselves or each other.

~ Lea-Jan Cobbius.[1a]


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