Lore of Beasts

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Crow's Feast spell

The Lore of Beasts is Magic derived from Ghur, the brown wind of magic. [1a][6a]

Ghur is a cold, savage wind that flows from the wild places breaking against the walls of civilisation and is found most abundantly where people are not. It accumulates deep within the forest, coalesces in the foulest swamps and blows through high mountains. Attracted to great beasts and top predators, it can mark their territory, follow their migrations and linger around their eyries, dens and bodies. [1b]

The many colours of amber are all subtle variations on a muddy unnameable colour. When it blows most strongly it can appear yellow and where it is deeply entrenched it appears as a deep earthy brown. When manipulated by a shaman, wisps of red and orange flit through the cold browns. [1b]

Ghur sinks below the waves at sea where it is drawn to the deep living monsters. Whilst it can be drawn upon it does not like to be disturbed. [5a]


Amber wizards grow more aloof as they grow in power and begin to appear more feral. [6a]


  • Amber Talons: The casters nails become wickedly sharp talons of crystal amber. [1c]
  • Amber Trance: A target is transformed into a statue made of transparent amber which can not be harmed or moved. [1c][8a]
  • A Murder of Crows: Corvus the Crowlord is called upon to shred the enemy with a flock of murderous carrion birds. [2a]
  • Awakening of the Wood: Part of the forest assails those caught within with lashing branches and tangling thorns. [1c][8a]
  • Beast Form: The Caster infuses their bones and flesh with Ghur, warping their body into that of a creature. [1c]
  • Beast Master: The gaze and words of the caster convince 1 creature they are its pack master. [1c]
  • Beast Tongue: The Caster is able communicate with beasts. [1c]
  • Beast Unbroken: A domestic animal becomes wild and ornery. [1c]
  • Calm the Wild Beast: Soothing magic calms a single animal. [6a]
  • Claws of Fury: The fingernails of the caster are transformed into razor sharp claws. [6a]
  • Crow's Feast: Supernatural crows swoop down on the enemies of the caster. [6a]
  • Curse of Anraheir: Small spirits are summoned out of the ground to harass and distract enemies. [1c][8a]
  • Eyes of the Pack: The caster allows another to see through your eyes. [1c]
  • Flock of Doom: A murder of crows or similar local birds attacks the casters enemies. [1c][8a]
  • Flying Bower: A whirlwind of glowing amber mangic envelops the caster and transports them several hundred yards away. [8a]
  • Follow Scent: The sense of smell is heightened and attuned and corruption or mutation in plants, animals, and animal dung can be detected. [1c]
  • Form of the Raging Bear: The caster and all that they are wearing or carrying is transformed into a bear. [6a]
  • Form of the Ravening Wolf: The caster and all that they are wearing or carrying is transformed into a wolf. [6a]
  • Form of the Soaring Raven: The caster and all that they are wearing or carrying is transformed into a raven. [6a]
  • Hunter’s Hide: The caster is cloaked in a shimmering mantle of Ghur. [1c]
  • Hunter's Moon: At the wizards howl, the moons turn red and bless those they have chosen with great fortitude. [1c][2a]
  • Hunting Spear: An Amber spear manifests and can be cast at an enemy. [8a]
  • Master's Voice: One animal does the casters bidding. [6a]
  • Merciw's Monstrous Regiment: The wizard bestows the strength of nature on allies. [1c][2a]
  • Musk Spray: A foul-smelling musk is sprayed from the casters hands. [1c]
  • Quick Passage: The caster moves across wilderness terrain with ease. [1c]
  • Savage Beast of Horros: The caster transforms into a mighty bear-like creature. [8a]
  • Summon Mount: A wild animal is summoned to serve as a mount. [1c]
  • The Amber Spear: A great spear of pure Ghur is hurled a straight line. [1c]
  • The Beast Unleashed: Nerby allies of the caster are infused with savagery. [6a]
  • The Ox Stands: Allies are encouraged. [1c]
  • The Talking Beast: The caster can still talk even if transformed into a animal. [6a]
  • Tangling Thorn: Vegitation errupts from the ground to attack an enemy or enemies. [8a]
  • Transformation of Kadon: The caster transforms themself or another into a monstrous beast. [1c]
  • Vengeful Hood: A cowl of amber light is manifested that weakens and redirects non-magical attacks. [1c][8a]
  • Wings of the Falcon: Wings sprout from the casters back enabling them to fly. [6a]
  • Winter Coat: A thick coat of fur grows that protects from the elements and blades alike. [1c]
  • Writhing Worm: A huge brown worm is summoned to attack enemies. [1c][8a]
  • Wyssan’s Wildform: The full, wild power of Ghur infuses the caster. [1c]



To those attuned to it, the wind is pleasant and sustaining. It brings warmth as it brings power. Feel it as the summer rain, not the winter snows. Feel it as the spring breeze and not a howling wind. For when you are in your element, as a wild beast, all things contribute to your being, all things support your existence.Like a wolf hunting through the trees, you are at one with the forest. Like a bear upon the steppe, you are king of the terrain. Like an eagle on the air, you rule what you survey. You are at the apex of life and all life supports you.

~ The Amber Arrow. [1a]