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ArnheimNeeds Citation

Arnheim is a High Elf colony located on the Bleak Shore, the eastern coastline of the continent of Naggaroth. [1][2]

The colony maintains strong ties with Ulthuan, especially with Tiranoc, ancestral homeland of most of its population. [1][2]Protected by a large garrison, the colony has endured several seaborne raids by Dark Elf Corsairs[4a][5b]. It was conquered and occupied by the Dark Elves at least once:Needs Citation


It seems to be one of the early High Elf colonies and was probably founded around - 4300 IC[3].

In - 102 IC Arnheim was the berth of the Black Ark Ravager of Souls which returned from the realm of Nurgle. The following outbreaks of plague decimated the population of the kingdom of Naggaroth [6a].

Arnheim's northern approaches are shielded by the Blackspine Mountains and the Doom Glades, a very large swamp. However Dark Elf scouts discovered an underground tunnel which avoids these obstacles. This enabled major Dark Elf raids in 1783 which were eventually repelled [4a][5a].

Since then Arnheim has been the victim of several raids by Shade warbands and is virtually under a constant state of siege [4b].


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