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Avelorn is the homeland of the Everqueens.

The land is covered in lush forests and is home to many mythical creatures among which are Pegasi, Unicorns and Giant Eagles. Avelorn is the oldest kingdom of Ulthuan, home to the Gaen Vale, a rich valley in which the Everqueen and her servants make their court. Within this inner kingdom resides the personal bodyguard of the queen, the Maiden Guard who are sworn to protect the Everqueen until their last breath. They are composed of the Elf women from across Ulthuan, known equally for their beauty and martial prowess.

The realms, colonies & outposts of the High Elves
Realms of Ulthuan Eataine - Caledor - Tiranoc - Shadowlands - Chrace - Cothique - Yvresse - Ellyrion - Avelorn - Saphery
Nearby Isles The Isles - Isle of the Dead - Island of the Flame - Shifting Isles
Colonies & outposts Arnheim - Citadel of Dusk - Fortress of Dawn - Gates of Calith


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