Citadel of Dusk

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Citadel of Dusk

The Citadel of Dusk, sometimes called Citadel of Sunset[1b][1c][2b][2c][4b], is one of the High Elf Outposts in the Anurell Peninsula located in the southern tip of Lustria [1a][2a][3][4a]

Its location is a site of tremendous strategic importance.

The Isle of Dusk on which it is built is no more than 3 miles across. [8b]


Both the citadel and its fleet are able to be shrouded by magical fogs. [8a]


Orignally a place of power for the Old Ones and the Slann, as the Lizardmen retreated they were content to let the elves take over some of these sites.[7a]

The region was first charted by the elvish explorer Anurell Seadrake.[8a]

During the Sundering the island of Comity was used as prison colony. [8d]

It was established in 1218 IC by order of Morvael the Impetuous in the 97th year of his reign[1c][2c][4b], following a disastrous attack on Naggaroth. [8b]

The citadel is reportedly an impossibly tall and needle-thin structure whose foundations in fact pre-date High Elf civilisation and its main feature is its large seaport, which harbours a large High Elf fleet. [6a].

It's unclear if the Citadel of Dusk is a full-fledged colony or a major military outpost. In either case it enables the High Elf navy to patrol, protect and ultimately control the western sea trade routes to Cathay and Nippon[6][1b][2b] and to suppress any raids of the Dark Elf Corsairs in this region.

An unexpected Lizardmen army aided the local High Elf garrison in repelling a major Dark Elf raid in 2349 IC[5].


  • Comity: A lightly wooded island and former prison, now a sanatorium. [8a]
  • Isle of Lost Souls: Mages cultivate unusual plants and which includes the Garden of Khaine. [8d]
  • Port: Located beneath the Citadel itselfit can hold upto a hundred ships with a launching system that enables the entire fleet to be deployed for battle in just over an hour. [8c]
  • Spear Reef Island: A trading town - Ithisar'naynazythai Yn Daroth, founded millennia before the Citadel itself. [8e]


The primary role of the Citadel is to protect the trade route from Cathay and Nippon to Ulthuan. It is garrisoned by Lothern Sea Guard but their numbers are now much reduced. [8a]

Some of the Hawkship's based at the Citadel of Dusk carry experimental magical devices known as Wraith Cylinder's that enable them them to become invisible. [8e]



Undesirables from Ulthuan are sent here to the penal colony to be rehabiliated. [8a]


There is a small trading port at the tip of the peninsula. [8a]


Priests of Mathlann are able to counter incoming storms by flying on Lothern Sky Cutter chariots and scattering arcane compounds into the clouds to make them release their rain. [8a]



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