Oglah Khan

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Oglah Khan

Oglah Khan was a Hobgoblin Khan in the service of the Hobgobla Khan who was banished and is now a Mercenary Captain in the Old World leading Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz. [1a][2b]


Although Oglah has a reputation for treachery, since he first sided with Giovanni Guilliani, there is no recorded instance of Oglah or his Hobgoblins doing anything other than what they were paid to do. [1a] What many people do not realise is that now that Oglah sign's contracts, which he does with an X in his own blood, he follows them with superstitious seriousness. [1c]


He was a favoured warlord Great Hobgobla owning several hundred wolves and riders, not only fearsome in battle but his treachery was both despised and admired by other Hobgoblins. [1a][2b]

During the Battle of Xen-Tu, after Hablo Khan was killed by the champion of the Dragon Emperor, Tong Po [2b] Oglah swiftly switched sides. However this swiftly proved a miscalculation when the rest of Hobgobla Khan’s Horde rode over the horizon, massively outnumbering the Cathayans. In the aftermath Ogla was declared outlaw and left not just the battlefield, but also the entire steppelands. [1a][2b]

After a brutal journey through the Dark Lands, Oglah developed a deep hatred of Chaos Dwarfs before joining the Black Orc horde of Gordug Smasher in pillaging Tilea. However, at the Battle of the Long Knives Gordug’s Orcs were all but annihilated when Oglah swapped sides and joined Tilean general Giovanni Guilliani. [1a] [2b]

Following his victory, the general rewarded Oglah and his Wolfboyz by hiring them as highly mobile scouts and skirmishers. Since then they have worked as wolf-riding mercenaries for many princes and generals throughout the Border Princes and Tilea. [1a] [2b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Barbed Spear, Bow, Curved Scimitar, Light Armour, Shield. Mounted on Giant Wolf. [2b]
  • WFRP 4th Ed: Hand Weapon (Scimitar), Mail Armour, Pelt of Wulfang, Shield, Short Bow, Spear, Wolf Steed. [1c]
    • Pelt of Wulfang: The fur of the mount of the first Hobgobla Khan Khenghai Kahn was fashioned into a shoulder mantle and blessed with Waaagh! magic. It boosts the wearers riding ability and their mounts speed and is considered of great cultural value to the Mournguls. [1b][2b]


The evil Count had us surrounded on all side! We were cut off from the rest of the army, left with no choice but to fight to the last man against his Undead horrors. Yet as we steeled ourselves for this final battle, something strange happened. The Hobgoblin scouts the Count has hired starated fighting his own troops. Seeing a chance for escape I led the charge.

~ Captain Detlef Veidt from A Mercenaries life in the Border Princes.[2b]



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