Six Spikes

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Six Spikes was a sacred site to the Beastmen in the Great Forest, now a glade of golden statues. [1a]

The large clearing is located deep within the forest with no paths or trails that lead to it, one must be strong enough to force a path through the vegetation to reach it. It was ringed by six vast black meteoric rock monoliths that gave it its name - thought to be shards from the Chaos moon Morrslieb that fell to impale the world. Green mist rose from them and the spikes absorbed the light of day, overpowering it in the vicinity. [1a]


The spikes became sacred to the roaming Beastmen and they whispered secrets to the Bray Shamans when the light of the moon struck them, foretelling that if enough blood was gifted to them they would provide mighty gifts. Although blood and skulls were piled before them, no gifts were given. [1a]

Secretly the Skaven began undermining the spikes, hoping to drop them into their tunnels and steal their magical power for themselves before the migratory beastmen returned and noticed their work. However the Beastlord Brrak Gorehorn had listened to his shamans and returned to the spikes and discovered the skaven swarming over the site. Enraged he and his horde tore into the ratmen, slaying hundreds as they sought to escape into the now clogged tunnels and then took them as tribute to the Spikes. In response, the Spikes began to emit a cloaking mist that began to cover the forest. [1a]

Kurt Helborg had been warned by the Celestial Order and moved towards the site, his army increasing at every town and village, bolstering the regiments of State troops and the Steam Tank Conqueror. However a three day ritual had been completed and many monsters had joined the herd, the shamans taking a place upon the Spikes as they spoke of the Time of the Beast when their kind ruled openly and mankind was driven back to the caves. [1a]

Arriving, Helborg ordered his artillery to target the Spikes, but they were protected by magic and no cannon ball could harm them and the gathered horde quickly charged the humans. Wizards of the Empire sought to breach the protective enchantments but the Bray Shamans denied them - then Gunther Bearhide drew upon the potent magical energies to transform himself into a Dragon and charged the nearest shaman atop a Spike, tearing him apart. However, as he took his place in his true form, he in turn was ripped apart by a nearby Cygor. [1a]

Before the hard-pressed imperial forces could be broken, Belthasar Gelt arrived with a flight of Pegasus, a Manticore and the Imperial Dragon and dove upon the Spikes. Many of his beasts were destroyed by the shamans but the survivors cleared the Spikes, leaving them open for Gelt to mount one and take control of the vast energies. He used them to unleash a golden orb that transformed all the beastmen and their monsters into statues. [1a]

The Spikes were toppled but were still impervious to harm and were buried and sealed with powerful magic. [1a]

The surviving Skaven watched and waited, scheming to break the enchantments and take their prize. [1a]


When the green orb hangs heavy in the night sky and the wind howls - it is out time. It is time to take what have long been promised.

~ The Dark Promise of the Six Spikes.[1a]


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