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Mahrak is a city in Nehekhara.

It is located on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains and the only way to reach it is via the Charnel Valley. It is quite close to the end of the valley and as such the armies of Mahrak have been known to use the valley to set up devastating ambushes. It was originally known as the City of Hope. It served as the home of the priest council of Nehekara.


Mahrak is an ancient city, dating from at least the first coming of Settra. It is said that the greatest king of Mahrak, Phar, held out against Settra's army by ambushing it in the valley. His troops were seasoned after fighting off countless Orcs and Goblins, clearing the region for the good of his city. Only after Phar died could Settra take Mahrak.[1b]

During the battle against Nagash under Alcadizaar, the city provided their famed Jackal Squadron.

After the machinations of Nagash, Phar was one of the first to rise from his tomb. He was infuriated to find his descendants had bowed to Khemri and ordered the mummies of the other Kings of Mahrak dragged out and destroyed. He remains the only king of Mahrak now, defying the will of Settra whenever he can.

He has recently fought a major battle against the Orcs, destroying their army and killing their warboss and taking its head to add to his Flail of Skulls. [1a]

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