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Prince Tutankhanut was the only son of King Ahken of Numas and was famed throughout Nehekhara for his good looks. Unfortunatly, he was slain before he even turned 15. On a hunting trip he was separated from his party and a lone northern tribesman used his spear to knock the young prince from his chariot, the spear impaling through Tutankhanut's chest.[1]

His father, who was very fond of his son, gave Tutankhanut a lavish burial that included all the most elaborate rituals available including embalming and preservation. Ages passed, but when Tutankhanut awoke from his deathly slumber, he was disgusted to find his body withered and old. Believing that in the afterlife the gods provided bodies of gold to the dead, he had his priests fashion him one to cover his decayed corpse.[1]

Now, when he rises wearing his golden body armour and ritual death mask, his followers believe him to be blessed by the gods. Many join his army as it marches to war, and when battle begins, Tutankhanut can be seen fighting in the front, his golden armour deflecting all but the most powerful attacks.[1]

It is unknown during what age Tutankhanut was among the living, but it must have been prior to the machinations of Nagash.[1]


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