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Lybaras is a city within Nehekhara, home to the Tomb Kings of Khemri. It is one of the furthest cities from Khemri, on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains, about 1500 miles distant. To reach it you must travel through the Charnel Valley which is dangerous enough itself.[1a]

Lybaras is most famous for their long dead Queen, High Queen Khalida Neferher. This was her home and is now her resting place. Due to her association with the Asp Goddess, Asaph, a huge temple was built in Lybaras honoring only Asaph.[1x]

Lybaras has been conquered several times, primarily by Settra in his first rising, and then later by Rakhash, Rakaph II, Khetep, Alkharad and Alcadizaar. During the time of Nagash, Lybaras joined the combined forces to siege Khemri under Lahmizzar.[1b]

During life, Lybaras was a city of scholars and engineers, its priest-kings known for their relatively un-ostentatious style of dress. They were the first to construct the Tomb Scorpions and Bone Giants powering them with steam, pulleys, and magic. Parts of their armies sometimes travelled by air-ship, a primitive hot-air balloon.[2]

The necropolises of the Tomb Kings.
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