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Quatar is a city in Nehekhara. It is located in the central-southwestern region, about five hundred miles from Khemri. It is situated at the entrance to the Charnel Valley and is called the Palace of Corpses, but was originally known as the White Palace and the Gateway of Eternity.[1]

It has played only a very little part in the grand history of Nehekhara only being conquered by the greatest of the kings of Khemri. These include Settra, Khetep and Alcadizaar. The greatest of the structures of Quatar are actually built into the mountain side, enhancing their already massive size. Also, the statues carved throughout the Charnel Valley were created by Quatar masons and is home to a powerful Vizier, Sehenesmet. He has been animating the statues and even the greatest statue of Quatar.[2]

The necropolises of the Tomb Kings.
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