List of Wood Elves units

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This is a list of all units in the Wood Elves faction. This list is divided into the following categories:

  • Unique standing for unique and named characters and units.
  • Main standing for units available in the main game.


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
Araloth M01.jpg Araloth Wood Elves ' 1 Edition
Drycha M01.jpg Drycha Wood Elves ' 1 Edition
Durthu M02.jpg Durthu Wood Elves ' 1 Edition
Orion M01.jpg Orion Wood Elves ' 1 Edition
Sisters of Twilight M01.jpg Sisters of Twilight Wood Elves ' 1 Edition


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
Dryad M01.jpg Dryads Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Eternal Guard M02.jpg Eternal Guard Wood Elves ' ' Edition
200px Falconers Wood Elves ' 5-10 3rd Edition
Glade Guard M01.jpg Glade Guard or Guards or Lord's Bowman or Wood Elf Archer Wood Elves ' 10-20 3rd Edition
Glade Lord M01.jpg Glade Lord Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Glade Rider M01.jpg Glade Riders or Cavalry or Wood Riders or Elven Lords Wood Elves ' 8-20 or 10-20 or 5-20 2nd, 3rd Edition
Great Eagle M01.jpg Great Eagle Wood Elves ' ' Edition
200px Shapechanger Wood Elves ' 2-8 2nd, 3rd Edition
Shadowdancer M01.jpg Shadowdancer Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Sister of the Thorn M01.jpg Sister of the Thorn Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Spellsinger M01.jpg Spellsinger Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Spellweaver M01.jpeg Spellweaver Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Treekin M01.jpg Treekin Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Treeman Ancient M01.jpg Treeman Wood Elves ' 1-3 3rd Edition
Treeman Ancient M01.jpg Treeman Ancient Wood Elves ' 1-3 3rd Edition
200px Wain Lord Wood Elves ' 1-4 3rd Edition
Wardancer M01.jpg Wardancers Wood Elves ' 5-15 or 5-10 2nd, 3rd Edition
Warhawk Rider M01.jpg Warhawk Rider Wood Elves ' ' Edition
200px Warrior Kinband Wood Elves ' 10-30 3rd Edition
Waywatcher M01.jpg Waywatchers or Glade Runners Wood Elves ' 5-12 3rd Edition
Wildwood Ranger M01.jpg Wildwood Rangers Wood Elves ' ' Edition
Wood Elf Beastmaster minis.jpg Wood Elf Beastmaster or Keepers Wood Elves ' 1-3 2nd, 3rd Edition
200px Wood Elf Falconers Wood Elves ' 5-10 3rd Edition