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A Treeman is a powerful Forest Spirit able to bind its essence to a living tree. [1a]

Treemen are revered by both other forest spirits and the Elves that dwell within the forests. Most are extremely old, with a few that were ancient when the pact between the elves and the forest of Athel Loren was made. [1a]

Once bound to the tree, the spirit can no longer leave and it becomes a terrifying behemoth that can smash apart any creature that dares stand against it. Many minor spirits and spites live amongst their branches and roots whilst Dryad handmaidens tend to their needs. [1a]

Treeman Ancients

  • Adanhu: Oldest and considered the wisest of the Treemen. [1a]
  • Durthu: Driven to the brink of madness by his hatred of those who would harm the forest. [1a]
  • Rhydysann: Since the pact was formed with the Elves he tends the forest in his own way and has no contact with them. [1a]




How could you ever understand us? You are not of the forest; you do not follow the Green Way. Yours is the scurrying of badgers, the flight of the starling, but without meaning. You are never still, never at peace. Always taking without thought, never giving back. You anger me sorely. I wish your kind would find our proper place in the world, then all would be better.

~ Mossback, Treeman[2a]


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