List of The Empire units

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This is a list of all units in the The Empire faction. This list is divided into the following categories:

  • Unique standing for unique and named characters and units.
  • Main standing for units available in the main game.


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
Balthasar M01.jpg Balthasar The Empire ' 1 Edition
Boris Todbringer M01.jpg Boris Todbringer The Empire ' 1 Edition
Emil M01.jpg Emil Valgier The Empire ' 1 Edition
Gotrek and Felix M01.jpg Gotrek and Felix The Empire ' 1 Edition
Karl M02.jpg Karl Franz The Empire ' 1 Edition
Kurt M02.jpg Kurt Helborg The Empire ' 1 Edition
Leopold M01.jpg Leopold von Raukov The Empire ' 1 Edition
Ludwig M01.jpg Ludwig Schwarzhelm The Empire ' 1 Edition
Luthor M01.jpg Luthor Huss The Empire ' 1 Edition
Marius M01.jpg Marius Leitdorf The Empire ' 1 Edition
Markus M01.jpg Markus Wolfhart The Empire ' 1 Edition
Rein M01.jpg Rein Volkhard The Empire ' 1 Edition
Thyrus M01.jpg Thyrus Gormann The Empire ' 1 Edition
Valten M01.jpg Valten The Empire ' 1 Edition
Volkmar M01.jpg Volkmar The Empire ' 1 Edition


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
Battlemage M06.jpg Battlemage The Empire ' ' Edition
Captain of the Empire M01.jpg Captain of the Empire The Empire ' ' Edition
Demigryph Knight M01.jpg Demigryph Knights The Empire ' ' Edition
Human Archer M01.jpeg Empire Archers The Empire ' ' Edition
Human Crossbowman M01.jpeg Empire Crossbowman The Empire ' 10-45 2nd Edition
General of the Empire M01.jpg Empire General The Empire ' 1 Edition
Empire Great Cannon M01.jpg Great Cannon or Cannon The Empire ' 1-2 2nd Edition
Greatsword M01.jpg Empire Greatswords The Empire ' 1 Edition
Guard M04.jpg Empire Halberdier The Empire ' 12-50 2nd Edition
Empire Knight M03.jpg Empire Knight The Empire ' 6-15 2nd Edition
Empire Mortar M02.jpg Empire Mortar The Empire ' 6-15 2nd Edition
Guard M01.jpg Empire Spearman The Empire ' 1 Edition
Guard M02.jpg Empire Swordsman or Men At Arms The Empire ' 15-100 ' Edition
Flagellant M01.jpeg Flagellants The Empire ' 6-12 2nd Edition
Militia Fighter M01.jpg Free Company or Milita The Empire ' 20-100 2nd Edition
Grandmaster M01.jpg Grand Master The Empire ' 1 Edition
Handgunner M01.jpg Handgunner or Arquebusiers The Empire ' 5-20 2nd Edition
Helblaster M01.jpeg Helblaster The Empire ' ' Edition
Luminark M01.jpeg Luminark The Empire ' ' Edition
Master Engineer M03.jpg Master Engineer The Empire ' ' Edition
Outrider M02.jpg Outrider The Empire ' ' Edition
Pistolier M01.jpeg Pistoliers The Empire ' ' Edition
Steam Tank M01.jpg Steam Tank The Empire ' ' Edition
War Altar M04.jpg War Altar of Sigmar The Empire ' ' Edition
Warrior Priest M01.jpeg Warrior Priest The Empire ' ' Edition