Eternal Guard

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The Eternal Guard

The Eternal Guard are the warrior sons and daughters of the noble houses of Athel Loren. [1b]

During the long winter months, when the forest is at its lowest ebb, guardianship of the sacred glades falls to these hardened warriors. They are arguably the most determined and courageous of all the Wood Elves, for during the winter months when they protect the forest they can expect very little or no aid at all from the forest.[1a]

Although their primary duty is protecting the forest during the winter, they are still called upon to serve all year around. They often act as bodyguards to Elven nobles on the battlefield and are known for their courage at such times, defending there lord to the very end, come one foe or one hundred, it matters not, The Eternal Guard do not surrender.[1b]

Weapons and Equipment

The Eternal Guard use a variety of weapons from spears and shields through to Saearath (spear-staves). [1a]

  • 6th Edition: Eternal Guard Weapons and Armour. May have Eternal, Musician and Standard Bearer. May have Magic Standard. [1c]



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