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A Waystalker prepares for a kill.

Waystalkers are the elite of the already elite Waywatchers, warriors whose personalities have become entirely submerged by their great obsession of stalking and hunting down worthy prey. They are taciturn and solitary individuals, and they may let years pass between visits to Wood Elf halls. Waystalkers are perfectly at ease within their forest homeland and effortlessly survive by their wits and cunning in the wilds. On the rare occasions when a Waystalker returns to the halls, he stands apart from all others, for he or she is closer to the forest than to other Elves.

A Waystalker’s marksmanship shames even that of other Waywatchers. They can pick out a single enemy from a seething mass of troops and place the one perfect shot that brings the target, lifeless, to the ground. Yet the Waystalker finds no reason to exult in the application of his skills — after all, what prey could hope to escape one who has dedicated his entire life to the hunter’s art.


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