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Waywatchers are solitary individuals who wander Athel Loren, often alone. They are guardians of the pathways which lead into and traverse the forest. They are able to lie unnoticed and unmoving for days on end before springing into action to slay a startled foe.[2a]

It is often young Elves or trained scouts that feel the call of the forest strongest; it is these who are destined to become the Waywatchers. Such individuals are more comfortable in the embrace of the forest than in the presence of their kin. They drift further from the Elven halls, spending more and more time in Athel Loren; until eventually their kin only see them again during times of strife or invasion when they reappear to protect the forest. [2a]

Waywatchers are unparalleled marksmen and are capable of a tremendous rate of fire. They are able to loose an unerring stream of black-shafted arrows one after the other, each felling a predetermined foe.[2a]

Some Waywatchers become completely obsessed with stalking prey. These Waywatchers, called Waystalkers, rarely visit the elven halls, for they feel more at home in the forests. Occasionally, they come on to the field of battle, and are excellent snipers of unparalleled archery. [2a]

During times of war, the Waywatchers form small bands whose ability to attack and then fade into the woods again makes them a powerful force.[2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 3rd Edition: Glade Runner: Hand Weapon, Longbow. May have Shield. May have Musician, Standard Bearer. May have Magic Instrument. [1a]




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