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Drycha is an incredibly old Branchwraith Dryad, who is said to remember the time before the Wood Elves arrived in Athel Loren. [1b]

Many believe that she lost her mind when Cyanathair's foul blood was spilt on the ground of the Glade of Woe, the area of the forest to which she was bound. Some also speculate that it is this madness that has caused her deep distrust and hatred of the Wood Elves. [1b]

She seldom speaks to others, but instead chants the names of those spirits wronged by the elves. It is a vast list, that grows longer every year as dryads and other spirits fall defending Athel Loren. [1b]


During the first years of the alliance between the forest and the elves she spent much of her time watching the elves for signs of treachery or betrayal. [1b]

She spent several months with with Coeddil, an ancient Treeman whom also has a deep distrust of the Elves in 1050 IC and attempted to free him in 1697 IC but was thwarted by Lady Elynett. [1a]

Drycha has attempted a coup but was thwarted by Ariel and tried to take over Athel Loren during one of Orion's absences, but was banished by the Grail Knight, Calard of Garamont.

In 2497 IC, the Lichmaster Heinrich Kemmler inflitrated Athel Loren, she was forced to sing the ancient Durthu from his slumber to combat the Necromancy in the Battle of the Cairns. [2a]

In recent years, tales have reached Athel Loren and the Wood Elves of attacks throughout the forests of the The Empire and Bretonnia which bare the hallmarks of attacks made by the Asrai, although they were not instigated by Ariel's court. If these attacks were the work of Drycha and her handmaidens there must surely be some greater goal other than random slaughter, and its almost certain that that particular goal does not bode well for the Wood Elves. Indeed even Naieth the Prophetess cannot see the destination to which Drycha strives, for it is so drenched in blood. [1b]

In 2518 IC she attacked and destroyed several villages near Parravon. [1a]



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