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A hornless Bray.

Brays are the lowest of the Beastmen breed, their inability to possess any form of horns forces these degenerates to live a life of constant bullying and misery, no matter how strong these beastmen may be, for such is the importance of horn in beastmen society. Even the Ungors look down on these pathetic creatures, mocking them and bullying them at every opportunity. Brays rarely live for long, being the last to gain food and always the furthest from the warmth of their encampments. Brays take their name from the braying, whinnying, whooping cacophony they make when they band together to eat or kill. Though these wretches are amongst the weakest and most worthless, it’s not unheard of for a Bray to use his cunning and bravery to assume control over a herd. Such occasions are brief, as the Bray must constantly fight off challengers to his rule.


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