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Har Ganeth is one of the six cities of Naggaroth, the realm of the Dark Elves. [1a]

It is known to the Dark Elves as the City of Executioners and to the High Elves as the Cursed Place. [1a]

The city's name is rarely spoken in those lands that live in fear of the Dark Elves because of the horrible tales that are told of the streets of blood and the houses of bodies made from those who have been conquered by the evil of Malekith.


The ruling council of Death Hags are known as the Daughters of Despair. [3b]


The city became the centre of the Cult of Khaine in -1745 IC. [2a]

The High Elves once attacked the city with a great army but were defeated at the hands of the malicious warriors that fight for Har Ganeth. Such was the victory celebration that the blood of captives sacrifced on the altars to Khaine ran through the streets and the bodies were discarded into piles that touched the sky. [1a]

It was then that the great warrior Tullaris became the leader of the executioners for he had seen the blood of the dead, felt the beckoning of Khaine, the Elven god of war and murder, and had fallen into a trance in which he climbed the steps of the great temple and severed a captives head in one fell strike of his Draich.

Since then the executioners have banded under Tullaris's banner and have created their own army of lethal warriors. But the executioners are not the only great army in Har Ganeth for there is also the bloodthirsty priestess army of Khaine, the Witch Elves. The Witch Elves are led by Hellebron and, in effect, the Hag priestesses who work in the temples. [3a]


Unusually in Naggaroth, the city has strict and rigidly enforced laws against murder, public debauchery and theft with only a single punishment for transgressors - beheading on the sumit of the main sacrifical pyramid. Only Crone Hellebron is above such strictures, although she can grant partial or even full immunity to those brave few who dare to ask and surivive. [4a]


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