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Cold One Knights.

Cold One Knights are the Dark Elf shock cavalry. The knights are some of the most skilled Druchii warriors, whose sheer strength matches that of their mounts. [1]


Cold Ones are very resilient, with their thick scales protecting them from most harm. Their intelligence, however, is lacking, for their reflexes are not the best and they can be easily distracted, going the wrong way and refusing to let the knight control them. Hopefully, they will not get too far, for the reptilians can't match horses in speed, let alone the fine elven steeds.[1]


Following the discovery of the Underworld Sea, knights mounted on Cold Ones are used in battle for the first time in -2319 IC and although effective are present in too small numbers to make a difference. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

The Long lance of a Cold One Knight is known as a Kheitain (Soul Eater). [4a][5a]

  • 2nd Edition: Chainmail, Crossbow, Lance. May replace Crossbow with Repeating Crossbow. [6a]
  • 3rd Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour and Shield, can have Crossbows, Lances and Repeating Crossbows, Helldrakes may have magical Standard and Instrument. [2a]
  • 4th Edition: Sword, Heavy Armour and Shield, May have Lances and Repeating Crossbows and a Magical Standard. [3b]
  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Lance and Shield, may have a Magic Standard. May be led by a Dread Knight, Musician and Standard Bearer. [4b]
  • 7th Edition: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Lance and Shield, may have a Magic Standard. May be led by a Dread Knight, Musician and Standard Bearer. Dread Knight may have magic items. [5b]
  • Dalakoi: (Strength against death), a padded aketon with mail sleeves and skirt is worn beneath the plate armour, the mail lined with soft leather (doe or human). [4c]
  • Ghlaith (Spineblade), one of the two paired swords mainly used for ritual combat or duels.[4c]
  • Khaitan: Long flowing robe of silk embedded with charms, a sign of the knights martial prowess and status when not armoured. [4c]
  • Keikalla: (Spirit bells) hang from hooks to both proclaim the knights presence and guard aganst the malicious spirits that often inhabit barren areas of Naggaroth.[4c]
  • Lakelui: (Soultaker), the longer of the two paired swords mainly used for ritual combat or duels.[4c]

Cold One Knights are normally armoured and armed by a pair of squires in a ritual sequence. [4c]

The back and breast plates are laced together and a gorget added with the mainly aesthetic pauldrons laced directly to the breastplate via the gorget. Long gloves with armoured hands are laced to the forearm, often adorned with razor sharp blades to trap and hold enemy blades or cut their victims. The helmet, is formed of several sections, a visor laced onto rings on the main skull element and the bevor is laced to the breastplate.[4c]

Sheilds vary greatly in size and shape with a recurved tip at the base as yet another weapon. [4c]

Pennants are hung from lnace tips proclaiming the noble history of the knight, their dedication to Malekith and their deeds in his name. [4c]


In 3rd Edition, they were split into the Helldrakes - veteran riders and Doomdrakes - young riders still establishing control over their mounts. [2a]




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