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Chaqua, the City of Gold [5c] was a Lizardmen temple-city of Lustria,[1b] later known as Chaqua the Defiled. [5b]


The city was created by the Fourth Spawning of the Slann before the creation of the World Pond. [3a]

Following the collapse of the Warp Gates, the entire population was slain by Daemons [4a] who had unleashed plague upon them. [5a]

About the year 001 IC [2a], The city became the first target of Clan Pestilens as the Spawning Pools that lay to the south of Chaqua were transformed into a festering mire from which foul things crawled out. When cohorts were dispatched from the city to investigate, they were overwhelmed and only a single skink escaped only to spread plagues to its home. [1a]

Skirmishes errupted between the Skaven and the Lizardmen of the city and viewing captive Skaven, the Slann decreed that they were not part of the Great plan. [5b]

Even the Mage Priests succumbed to the plague although the remaining Saurus held out long enough to seal the tombs of the Slann with their mummified bodies inside. [2a]

The remaining Lizardmen were now led by Tehenhauin, fulfilling the Prophecy of Sotek. [5b]

Following the expulsion of Clan Pestilens from Lutria, the city was guarded by serpents, although sealed pryamids and warrens beneath remained tainted and it was too dangerous for Lizardmen to dwell there.

The Prophecy of Sotek

The last of the first generation Slann passed on having inscribed the Great Plan onto gold tablets, one of these would become known as the Prophecy of Sotek and was kept in the Temple-city of Chaqua. It warned of the destruction of the Polar Warp Gates and even the invasion of Lustria by the Skaven. It further stated that the god Sotek would manifest, heralded in the sky by appearance in the sky of the forked serpent. Sotek would then prevail over the ratmen. The Slann of Chaqua considered that he was a Old One who would appear at the appointed time to save his followers. [1a]

When plagues began to propagate in their city, the same Slann examined the plaque at length, sending cohorts to capture skaven for sacrifice to attract the attention of the serpent god. However the plagues swept through the ranks of the Mage Piests following the ritual, the last survivng sickly Slann seeing the comet in the sky before he was entmombed but those of other cities did not understand the omens that were appearing. [1b]

It was a red crested skink, Tehenhauin‎ who rallied his people, proclaiming himself as the Prophet of Sotek and leading them out of the devastated city. He gained many followers and sacrificed captured skaven to gain the attention of his god, who had been building his power for years before he finally manifested. [1b]

Lord Nanahua travels to the ruins in 1910 IC, searching for lost relics but contracts a skaven plague. He enters self-imposed exile, making his home in an isolated temple, emerging to fight the Skaven. [6a]


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