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Xlanhuapec, the City of Mists is a Lizardmen temple-city of Lustria.[1a]

A sprawling city that extends dozens of miles out from its central pyramids. [3b]

It is shrouded in a protective mist that prevents enemies from finding their way to the city. This is produced by one of the cities Mage Priest whose words turn to fog. [3b]


Xlanhuapec was the second Temple City to be founded. [3b]

In -2374 IC, [5a] Lord Hua-Hua of the City claims victory in a 500 year debate about what to do about the younger races but no other Slann speaks to him for another thousand years. [3c]

A delegation of Slann set out from the city in 912 IC to re-found Huatl after the Chaos Moon engulfs the Xaki Star. [5b]

Dark Elf raiders used the Black Way to attack the city in 1721 IC, but shouded by the living mists, the lizardmen army slaughters the enemy. [5b]

In 1847 IC Prince Rodrik, bastard son of Duke Tuduall of Anguille invaded the city, thinking it was a ruin but the garrison ambushed his army as he entered, slaughtering them in moments. [1a] He and a few other knights escaped the initial ambush, guided by a pair of Wiaimen. [4a]

Lord Huinitenuchli relocates to Xlanhuapec. [3a]

When the Deamon Slaa'Ulaan returned to the world, Lord Tenuchli led a army to confront it, accompanied by Chakax. They fought at the Pillars of Unseen Constellations and came close to defeat as the corrupted site made the Lizardmen sluggish but Chakax managed to slay the Daemon. [3a]



The city has both Tepok and Tzunki as patron Old Ones. [6a]


it is famous for the ancient artefacts it holds including:

  • Device of the Great Beyond: Recieves communications from distant stars. [3b] [6a]
  • Eternity Ship: Egg shaped vessel within which time does not flow. [3b][6a]
  • Jaguar Standard: Those who fight beneath it move with the Jaguar's swiftness and filled with its fury as they hunt down their prey. [3d][6a]
  • Placid Pool: A reflective pool that shows the world beyond the city. [3b] [6a]


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