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Xhotl is a ruined Lizardmen temple-city in Lustria.[1b]


The city was created by the Fourth Spawning of the Slann before the forming of the World Pond. [2a]

Following the collapse of the Warp Gates, the entire population was slain by Daemons. [3a]

At first Kroq-Gar had led many patrols destroying hordes of Daemons as the Mage Priest Chaqo-Quantal with six younger Slann focused on defending the city magically. However, after thirty cycles of the sun, a crack in these defences allowed the Daemons to break in and tear apart the Slann before Kroq-Gar could reach them. [3b]

Storm of Chaos

As the Storm broke across the known world, Morathi dispatched her favoured Sorceress Kharlissa to the ruins of the city as part of her campaign to plunder the ancient cities for relics of power. Kharlissa led her army through the Spine of Sotek mountains, not expecting resistance but she was anticpated, her forces destroyed and she herself was captured for sacrifice. [1a]

Morathi sent her finest warriors to rescue her and bring her back to her mistress for punishment. Using Daemons of Slaanesh to distract the Lizardmen army, they cut their way through the gathered cohorts and as the conflageration of the Fire Stars arrived, Furies tore the Skink Priest apart. The Daemons then carried her off to return to Morathi, Kharlissa screaming in dread at what would happen to her. [1a]


  • Cube of Darkness: Small black cube from the metal ark beneath the city, it can draw in the Winds of Magic. [4]



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