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Xahutec was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen in Lustria. [1a] It is now known as the City of Echoes. [3b][5a]


The city was created by the Fourth Spawning of the Slann before the World Pond was formed. [1d]

Following the collapse of the Warp Gates, the city is the first to fall to Daemons in the year -5000 IC. [6a] It's Mage-Priests slain and spawning pools are tainted [2a] after Kairos Fateweaver opens a warp rift in the heart of the city, allowing Flesh Hounds to tear apart the Slann. [4a]

In -2423 IC a Lizardmen host approaches the ruins but is attacked by Daemons of Khorne, killing several Slann before the remaining Mage-priests can close the warp rift. [4b]

Shortly after being moved, the usually wise Lord Zhul gave contradictory orders, apparently unaware of his previous instructions and grew more and more angry with his servants. [1a]Finally the Skinks scribes consulted with Lord Tenoq who, with the other Mage-Priests of the city were away restoring Huatl. [1b] It was determined that not only could Tenoq not speak telepathically to Zhul but that the Lord became confused and irritated when his palanquin was facing the ruins of Tlencan. A expedition to investigate was sent, made up of the first cohort of green-backed Skinks and led by Skink Chief Quzipantuti.[1c][3a]

There he discovered that the sacred chamber was inhabited by a Xlanax (a Daemon Prince[3a]), transfixed by a elven blade. The skinks withdrew to the alter of Sotek and called upon the snake go for assistance against the entity. An aspect of Sotek manifested and devoured the Xlanax - and at the same time Zhul also died but ascended to become a revered one. The lords remains were ceremonially bedecked in gold and prepared with resin and set to rest. [1c]

Lord Tenoq became ruler of the city and ordered that these events be recorded. [1c] As he was carried away by his Temple Guard he died, babbling warnings in two distinct voices and stating that the rift within the city could be closed by the power of stone and the will of the disciple. [6b]

Since the city fell to Daemons, it has been vacated by the Lizardmen but they maintain a strong guard on its perimeter. [3b]

From 2519 IC, Daemon legions march out each time the Chaos Moon rises and although the Saurus manage to defeat them, it is at a high cost. [3c]

End Times

At the beginning of the End Times, Kroq-Gar was forced to ask for further aid in holding the Daemons within the ruins, despite already being granted three grand cohorts. [5a]


  • Green-backed Skinks: The First Cohort is notable for their bravery, endurance and willingness to even swim across salt water. [1c]



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