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Xahutec was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen in Lustria. [1a]


Shortly after being moved, the usually wise Lord Zhul gave contradictory orders, apparently unaware of his previous instructions and grew more and more angry with his servants. [1a]Finally the Skinks scribes consulted with Lord Tenoq who, with the other Mage-Priests of the city were away restoring Huatl. [1b] It was determined that not only could Tenoq not speak telepathically to Zhul but that the Lord became confused and irritated when his palanquin was facing the ruins of Tlencan. A expedition to investigate was sent, made up of the first cohort of green-backed Skinks and led by Quzipantuti.[1c]

There he discovered that the sacred chamber was inhabited by a Xlanax (perhaps a Daemon), transfixed by a elven blade. The skinks withdrew to the alter of Sotek and called upon the snake go for assistance against the entity. An aspect of Sotek manifested and devoured the Xlanax - and at the same time Zhul also died but ascended to become a revered one. The lords remains were ceremonially bedecked in gold and prepared with resin and set to rest. [1c]


  • Green-backed Skinks: The First Cohort is notable for their bravery, endurance and willingness to even swim across salt water. [1c]



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