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A Temple-city

Amongst the oldest structures in the Warhammer World are the temple-cities of the Lizardmen.[2b] Itza, the first temple-city, was founded by the Old Ones in around -10,000 IC and two more were founded soon after.[1a] Each temple-city was positioned according to a specific celestial phenomena or body. They are also each located on an important nexus in the Geomantic Web.[2b] The layout of the individual temple-cities also depends on what celestial phenomena it is aligned to. For example, Hexoatl is laid out according to important solar alignments.[2c][3b]

The Lizardman glyph Tlax stands for the idea of a pyramid or city - much the same thing in the Saurian language. [3a]

Important locations in a temple-city


Arranged around the central plaza are the various temples that give the temple-cities their name. Again, each is aligned to a certain star, planet or other body. They rise up in platforms, giving a stepped appearance with steep staircases on each side.[2c] At the top lies the Star Chamber, where the Slann can communicate with their fellows and search the heavens for the Old Ones.[2d] Inside the pyramid-temples are sacred crypts and chambers accessed by secret passages. Beneath there are long passages where the Saurus dwell, always ready to fight off an attack on their pyramid-temple.[2c] Beneath the Great Pyramid of the city there is the Eternity Chamber.[2e]

Those temples dedicated to Sotek have a sacrifical sanke pit that descends from the top platform, through the pyramid and into the earth into which sacrifices are thrown. [3b]

Sacred Spawning Pools

Most temple-cities are located in jungle clearings surrounded by swamps. Many of these swamps are spawning pools, where the inhabitants of the city are spawned. Other areas of the swamp are inhabited by piranha fish. These pools are an added defence for the city.[2c][3b]

Central Plaza

At the center of the city is the Great Central Plaza, where the causeways and processions leading into the temple-city meet. It is where the population come to observe rituals, and serves as a mustering place for the army of the city before they march to war.[2c]

Skink Barrios

A thriving temple-city may have tens of thousands of inhabitants, most of them Skinks. They live in the barrios. The area around the barrios is where the Stegadons and other beasts are kept, although some are kept further out in the jungle or near the stone quarries.[2c]

List of temple-cities

A map of Lustria showing all of the known temple-cities, both intact and ruined.


Intact temple-cities

Ruined temple-cities

The Southlands




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