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Tlaxtlan, is a Temple-City of the Lizardmen and known as the "City of the Moon" as it was renowned for its astromancers and prognosticators. [1a]



  • The Ziggurat of Quetli can generate an impenetrable energy dome that covers the older parts of the city. It is far more powerful than those of other Temple-cities due to an artefact of the Old Ones wihtin. [7e]
  • The City has a number of Engines of the Gods and a much larger version above the southern gate. [7e]


It was the fourth founded city, one of the second wave of temple-cities created by the Third Spawning along with Quetza and Zlatlan but after Itza, the First City. [2b]

It is said (in Tlaxtlan) that it was created by Tlazcotl who taught the Lizardmen how to read the night sky.[7b]

Following the collapse of the Warp Gates the Mage-Priest Adohi-Tehga repels the Daemons attacking his city and is able to lend power to the web of power that links it to the other cities. [3a]

Following the expulsion of Clan Pestilens from Lustria in about 100 IC, a council of the High Slann is held in the city and Tenehuini proclaims the Prophecy of Sotek. [2b]

They observed the moon and the stars in order to make accurate predictions of future events. However with the Great Catastrophe and the appearance of the second moon in the skies above Tlaxtlan their powers waned, as the moon is comprised of pure Chaos and did not obey the laws of the universe, which governed the original moons orbit.[1a]

Since the time of the Great Catastrophe the Slann of Tlaxtlan have focused their efforts into moving the Chaos Moon from its orbit, and thus returning their power. However more pressing concerns face the Lizardmen and the Chaos Moon, for now, remains. [1a]

An Elf expedition led by the explorer Sirion raided the city, stealing golden plaques before they were overwhelmed by Saurus Warriors. They flee the city and Lord Xiliquncani orders that the survivors be let go, noting that Sirion had looked into the Well of Time and seen the doom of the elves. [2a]

An inscription on the Monument of the Moon tells of a series of battles between Lizardmen from Tlaxtlan, who appear to be a sacred Host of Tzunki and Warriors of Chaos around 1300 IC The final battle was on the Island of Sacrifices were the bones of the invaders were piled upto three feet in height. [5a]

In 2418 IC, The Mage-Priest Tecciztec attempts to push the Chaos Moon away from the world but only succeeds in shaking it enough to break off chunks that fall onto the lands on the other side of the Great Ocean. [6a]

After a Bretonnian Baron, Marcel made landfall in 2510 IC with his household and began plundering abandoned shrines and temples, Lord Klaquixol ordered that the treasures be recovered, by force if required, dispatching Quatl and leading to conflict with the newcomers. [8a]



Although it can boast an impressive army, it does not have the caves where Cold Ones and Troglodons dwell. [7e]



Tlazcotl is the patron diety of the city and its inhabitants seek to emulate their cold-blooded lord's detachement when choosing a course of action. [7a]



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