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Quetza the Defiled

Quetza was a Lizardmen temple-city in Lustria.[1a] [2a]


It was one of second wave of Temple-cities to be created by the Third Spawning of the Slann along with Tlaxtlan and Zlatlan but after Itza, the First City. [2c]

Following the collapse of the Warp Gates, the city was levelled by Daemons using the sonic barrage of a billion slain souls. [3a]

In -1399 IC, Clan Pestilens occupy the ruined city.[2b]

The city was besieged by Skaven when Tehenhauin, the Prophet of Sotek led a small group of trusted disciples into the jungle nearby. When he returned he was mounted on a great Stegadon with a Engine of the Gods. With this mighty war machine, he quickly destroyed hundreds of rat-spawn in an instant. [1a]

Clan Pestilens abandon the city and retreat to the Old World. [2b]

Quetza, now known as the Defiled City was watched by the Skinks in case the Skaven returned. When patrols began to go missing, the Astromancer Tetto'eko leads a large army to the city, having foreseen the ratmens return. After a brutal battle, the skaven were defeated, mostly through the predictions of Tetto'eko and the survivors pursued into the jungle where they were devoured. [3b]

Thanquol is dispatched to the city with a Clan Eshin force to the city by their Nightlord Sneek to kill the Prophet of Sotek, Xiuhcoatl [4a] who had errected a new Pyramid to his god and created new spawning pools in the city. [4b]


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